James Zogby’s Reputation Among Arab-Americans

From the AngryArab Website:

This is funny: when James Zogby parrots Wahhabi propaganda

 Basil sent me this:  “I came across this article which summarizes the results of Iran’s popularity in the Arab world conducted by IBOPE Zogby International on behalf of the Arab American Institute, with the conclusion being that Iran’s popularity has plummeted. What do you make of this given James Zogby’s association with Arab oil money, not to mention the timing of the poll as well?  Notice the quotes attributed to James Zogby as well, as if they are coming straight out of the Saudi Foreign Ministry:
“Zogby attributes Iran’s ratings slide to its “manifestly sectarian and aggressive” policies, he says.”  ““This is clearly an indication of the fact that when Saudi Arabia and the UAE speak about Iran, they’ve got the people with them,” he says.””


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