James Zogby Gems (King Fahd)

“I write merely as an American friend and an observer. What’s clear to me is that during the time of King Fahd, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made remarkable progress…In the face of all these challenges and crises, King Fahd made a strategic decision to deepen the political and military ties that already existed between the US and Saudi Arabia, support a moderate course of action in international affairs, and foster continued domestic development…It was, as we say, “a tough row to hoe.” But as his leadership was challenged, King Fahd responded with decisions to protect his country, its traditions and role, and its development…Even in years of declining oil revenues, domestic development programmes continued and, later in King Fahd’s rule, initial steps were taken towards internal reform…Through it all, the kingdom, under King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah, remained resolute allies of the US”