James Zogby Gems (At One Time He Placed His Hopes For Peace On Ariel Sharon)

We have already discussed some of James Zogby’s bizarre behavior over the years, but did you know that at one point in time he actually placed his hope for peace in Palestine on Ariel Sharon? Read the following passage:

  • Ariel Sharon’s agreeement to recognize an independent Palestinian state represents a significant departure for a leader from the Likud block. Already his opponents within his party have begun to use language about him that they had previously reserved for Prime Minister Rabin and Prime Minister Peres. It will be difficult for him to end settlement and to break with many of his own supporters. He will be able to do so only if President Bush continues to support and pressure Israelis to stay on the path. On the way, the debate in Israel will change and Sharon can win a majority of support as this peace process bears fruit. But it will be difficult, it will require a break with Sharon’s past and his past ideology and it may create intense fighting within the Israeli community. But at the end of the day if this works, the benefits of peace will outweigh the hardships along the way.

He is implying that a career war criminal and butcher like Sharon is a possible partner for peace with the Arabs, but only if the Americans would place pressure on his more hawkish constituency and critics within Israel.  In other words, he’s saying Sharon has transformed himself, turned over a new leaf, and changed his wayward ways, and is now a leader capable of making peace with his Arab neighbors, but needs American help to overcome the enemies of peace in his own camp.

If the reader is able to overcome the initial disbelief of what Zogby is arguing in this passage,  which may require a second or third reading,  and considers  it in the context of Sharon’s personal history, he/she has to conclude that James Zogby is morally bankrupt, and places no value on human life. Even Ariel Sharon can be viewed as a man of peace if Washington’s mainstream madness requires it.