Iraqi Lemons

The arrogant, racist words of a former Shin Bet agent (and aren’t all Zionists arrogant and racist?) on collaborators once again describe to the dispensable nature of collaborators’ services:

You squeeze the lemon and [when] it’s got no juice left, you throw it away.

One Iraqi collaborator with the US occupation of his home country took “twelve bullets in his stomach and leg” for his masters. But he still can’t afford $1,100 for his home rent.

Don't be a lemon!

“They told us, ‘You will have a house, a job,” said Ahmed Almusarawy. Your masters lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction. You think it’s beyond them to lie about paying you the measly price of your conscience?

As Iraqis, these quislings are perhaps familiar with Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab, who aptly described the despicable state of their morality. Translation by As’ad Abu Khalil.

أنا ما تشاء: أنا الحقيرْ
صبّاغ أحذية الغزاة، وبائع الدم والضمير
للظالمين. أنا الغراب
يقتات من جثث الفراخ. أنا الدمار، أنا الخراب
شفة البغي أعف من قلبي

I am what you want: I am contemptible
The shoe shiner for the conquerors,
and the vendor of blood and conscience
for tyrants. I am a crow
feeding off the corpses of
chicken. I am destruction,
I am ruination!
The lip of the harlot
is more chaste than my heart