NYT Roger Cohen’s Imperialist Arrogance on Imaginary US Positive Role in Egypt Revolt

Check this out, from the New York Times’ Roger Cohen:

We’ve tried invasions of Muslim lands. We’ve tried imposing new systems of government on them. We’ve tried wars on terror. We’ve tried spending billions of dollars. What we haven’t tried is tackling what’s been rotten in the Arab world by helping a homegrown, bottom-up movement for change turn a U.S.-backed police state into a stable democracy.

Damon Winter, The New York Times

What we haven’t tried? You read that and you think that 1) US wars are about battling terrorism, not expanding hegemony and stealing people’s resources; and 2) the US was driving force behind the Egyptian mass revolt. Such audacity and arrogance to claim the Egyptian people’s efforts.

Instead of a hollow congratulatory tone, Zionists like Cohen owe the Egyptian people apologies and reparations for having supported the Zionist entity, peace with which was the major reason behind US support for the Egyptian regime. See how just a few days ago he analyzed the Egyptian revolt within the framework of what’s good for Israel, forever the axis around which Zionists’ universe revolves:

Biery looked at me with his intense green eyes. “I’m here for my children, so they live better.” That’s a very American idea. Another is this: a nation of laws is fundamental. Mubarak has been a firm ally, kept a cold peace with Israel, and maintained a skewed order at home. I don’t want to see him humiliated. But Obama must stand with Biery against a corrupted, dying regime.

And what is so uniquely American about wanting a better life for one’s children? The old dehumanizing lie perpetuated during the Vietnam war that the Vietnamese didn’t love their children, is clearly still alive and well and extended to Arabs.