Ikhras Shoe Of The Month Award Winner – October 2011

Ikhras is pleased to announce the winner of the Muntadhar Zaidi Shoe of the Month Award for this October, 2011 is Palestinian-American Zionist, failed comedian, Radio Talk Show host (but only because he buys his own airtime), Jerusalem Post columnist, and former (following an uproar by members of the organization) ADC National Board member Ray Hanania.

Hanania earned this prestigious honor based on his last column in the Zionist rag that publishes his weekly blathering. In an October 25 piece Hanania criticized the Palestinians’ tenacious and honorable defense of their released heroes, compared an Israeli terrorist soldier to the released Palestinian prisoners, praised “remorseful” Israeli terrorist soldiers while describing Palestinian freedom fighters as unremorseful “mass murderers”, and “terrorists”:

“Palestinians were outspoken in defending some of the most notorious prisoners who were released, including two women…But I was most impressed with Schalit, who upon leaving his captivity, said that he hoped the prisoner exchange would kick-start the Middle East peace process. He also said he hoped all of the Palestinian prisoners would soon be released, too, on the condition that they didn’t return to terrorism…Few, if any, of the terrorists convicted of mass murder have ever expressed remorse for their actions, whereas some Israeli soldiers have expressed remorse for their actions after completing their military service.”

Although this is the first time Hanania has won this recently established award there have been many times in the past when this despicable character deserved to be pelted with a shoe.* Here are a few examples.  Hanania called on Palestinians to stop using the word Nakba and to replace it with something, get this, “less offensive” to their occupier.  He also criticizes the use of the word “apartheid” to describe the racist Zionist regime, and blames the Palestinian Arabs in occupied Palestine-48 for Israel’s discriminatory practices in that region of their homeland. He supports the pro-Israel lobby and attends the conferences of racist, Zionist group committed to the destruction of Palestine. Like most mainstream Arab-Americans Hanania defends the horrific, but Washington-approved Saudi regime, and routinely compares Palestinian freedom fighters to Zionist fanatics, war criminals, and terrorists. Hanania has also attacked members of the International Solidarity Movement including a disgraceful tirade against the Turkish activists that were murdered by Israel in 2010 trying to bring relief to Gaza. Earlier this year the “Hanania Emails” were released which revealed a series of profanity-laced emails sent by Hanania included a racist, homophobic reference to Arabs as “raghead fags.” Hanania has thus far refused to apologize to the Arab-American community, and continues his offensive rhetoric and cheap sectarian agitation.

Like James Zogby, Hanania’s candidacy for the shoe-of-the-month award is ongoing, and he’s always among the front runners, but his offensive rhetoric on the prisoner exchange between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist entity merited special recognition this month. So on behalf of the Arab-American community Ikhras is pleased to present the October 2011 Shoe of the Month award to Ray Hanania.

*To learn more about Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania visit  ikhras: http://ikhras.com/tag/ray-hanania/ 


Every month Ikhras awards the Muntadhar Zaidi “Shoe of the month” to the House Arab or Muslim individual or organization in the United States whose behavior that month best exemplifies the behavior of what Malcolm X described, in the language of his own time, as the “house negro” (see video). The award is named in honor of the brave Iraqi journalist Muntadhar Zaidi who threw his shoes at the war criminal George W. Bush at a time House Arabs and Muslims were dining with him at the White House and inviting him to their mosques.  Arab dictators and puppets of the empire are also qualified to enter the shoe of the month competition based on their own subservience to U.S.-led global imperialism.  Contest guidelines prohibit any one individual or organization from winning the award more than 3 times a year. 

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