Ikhras Mission Statement Update 2011

[Ikhras Note] Ikhras was inspired by the courage of the Tunisian people. To honor their struggle, and glorious revolution we’ve decided to expand our mission statement. Down With All Arab Dictators!

Whereas the Arab world continues to be ruled by illegitimate, corrupt, and dictatorial Arab regimes with abysmal human rights records, and recognizing a clear nexus between US foreign policy, and the Washington-backed autocracies and dictatorships which underpin American imperialism in the Middle East, we believe that among the most important causes any authentic Arab-American activism should claim is the struggle for freedom, democracy, justice, and human rights in the Arab homeland, Islamic countries, and across the world.

We have also recognized a close relationship between the handful of individuals, and organizations that make up the so called Arab or Muslim “Lobby” in the US, and the American-approved tyrannical regimes of the Arab world.  Although the relevance and political impact of this relationship is negligible, it has had a corrosive affect  on the potential political empowerment of Arab-Americans, and their ability to organize an authentic grassroots effort that mobilizes the community, reaches out to progressive forces within the US, and builds solidarity with other American and international citizens.

Therefore, Ikhras has determined that as we continue to adhere to our original mission statement, we must also initiate an effort to help galvanize a US-based opposition to the brutal and corrupt regimes of the Arab world, and expose the utterly unrepresentative and illegitimate nature of their rule.  Our expanded coverage of the nature and role of the quisling Arab rulers is a logical and natural development for Ikhras, and will include news coverage of Arab politics and current events from an Ikhras perspective not found in the American mainstream, corporate media.

As the establishment Arab-Americans in Washington maintain friendly relations with the embassies of the Arab police states, and invite their representatives as “honored guests” at their banquets, conventions, and galas, we will focus on bringing attention to the plight of the oppressed in the Arab world, and the victims of the alliance between Arab tyranny and US Imperialism.  Oppressed Arabs demand to be heard, and it’s time for both the tyrants and their Washington sponsors to Ikhras!