*IKHRAS BREAKING NEWS* Arab Uprisings Spread To America, Thousands Descend On ADC, AAI, & CAIR Offices In Washington

The uprisings and revolutionary fervor sweeping many parts of the Arab world have now reached the United States. Reliable sources have confirmed to Ikhras that thousands of Arab and Muslim Americans, and their supporters from all backgrounds are descending upon Washington DC for a protest march against the House Arabs and Muslims, and the self-appointed representatives, both individuals and organizations, that have falsely invoked the name of the community in pursuit of the their comfortable, personal careers, and narrow institutional interests.

According to our source who spoke to one of the organizers, once the protesters reach Washington they plan to break up into three groups. One will assemble in front of the headquarters of the Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC) which was funded with the help of the slimy and shady Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal. A second group will assemble in front of the offices of James Zogby’s one-man outfit, the Arab-American Institute (AAI), which has also enjoyed the largess of Bin Talal, receives funding from other Arab oil-Sheiks (“Shakes”as Zogby says), and functions as a public relations firm for the rulers of “Dew-Bye” and “Abu-Dobby.” The last group will gather in front of the National office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has also received funding from Waleed Bin Talal and other Saudi sources, and Nihad Awad has spoken positively about the reactionary, medieval, and oppressive Saudi regime which, not coincidentally, is also the American-designated voice of Muslims worldwide.

The protesters will present the following list of 10 demands to individuals and groups in Washington:

1) Immediately disclose and make public all sources of direct and indirect funding.

2) Immediately release exact number of members of each organization, if any.

3) Cut all ties with embassies, and representatives of all Arab states.

4) Begin a process of reform leading to greater transparency in the decision and policy making process within each organization.  If any organization actually has any grassroots members, then it should begin an internal democratization program which places the leadership of any organization under the full control of the grassroots membership.

5) All press releases, and announcements released by any organization, and any public statements made by representatives of these groups should me made in the name of the members of the group, and not the entire community.

6) Arab and Muslim Americans must also refrain from speaking on behalf of any Arabs or Muslims in any country.  They are not entitled to represent anyone other than their own members in the United States.  This should include an immediate pledge to Ikhras on the issue of Palestine, and Iraq.  The proper role of the community is to support the anti-war movement in the US, and the full rights of the Iraqi and Palestinian people.  They should not offer any “solutions” or “advice” to anyone in those countries, or engage in any imaginary negotiations relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict, or the rights of Arab people anywhere.  It’s arrogant.

7) End joint activities and events with all racist Zionist groups including AIPAC, and other so called “moderate Zionists” like J-Street.

8) Immediately adopt a zero-tolerance policy for any galas.  Absolutely no galas should ever be organized.  Dinner receptions are permitted only after the approval of the grassroots membership (if it exists) which must also approve the guest list.

9) All groups and individuals must close down their offices in Washington DC and move their base of operations outside the capital in order to be closer to the American people.

10) All groups and individuals must end all meetings with US officials, especially those who have supported, funded, or prosecuted criminal wars of aggression against any country in the world.  Such photo-ops are useless, have no impact, and underscore the participant’s irrelevance.  Instead, there should be a new effort launched to reach out to the anti-war movement, and progressive forces within the United States in order to build solidarity between Arab and Muslim citizens and other Americans.

Ikhras reporters on the ground have interviewed several of the participants.  One Arab-American father of three said he is “sick and tired of Arab-Americans in Washington DC speaking in his name”, and another American Muslim said “how dare those Muslims who work with the FBI, and support wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon claim to be representing Islam in America.”

One American soldier and conscientious objector who refused to serve in Iraq expressed his frustration and anger when he saw the handful of Arabs and Muslims supporting illegal American wars while he risked his career by refusing to participate in a war on an Arab country.  He said he “couldn’t believe Arab-Americans supported the war on Iraq, and knew the few miscreants in Dearborn MI who cheered the invasion of Iraq were not representative of Iraqi-Americans.”  He explained that after he began to speak to the community he realized Arab-Americans were “living in a climate of fear and intimidation ever since 9-11”, and felt they couldn’t overtly express their opposition to war.  He added “at that point I knew the vast majority opposed America’s foreign invasions, but were silenced by a nation caught up in the frenzy of war.”  The soldier, who did not want to reveal his name, but told us he’s from Kansas added “I decided the best way I can fight for my country is to make the Arabs and Muslims in this country feel free enough to oppose US foreign policy, and that’s why I’m participating in this protest.”

Another American woman participating in the uprising said she came to Washington from Florida to support the protesters and to let the establishment Arabs and Muslims know that supporting America’s criminal wars, kowtowing to the political elite, changing your name, and engaging in transparent expressions of patriotism is not how you assimilate in this country.  She also expressed her disappointment that some Arabs and Muslims define being American as supporting war abroad, and she “couldn’t understand how anyone can immigrate to the US and then support dropping bombs on the country from which they came…, that’s not what America should be about, and that’s not the sort of citizenry we want to be promoting.”

As the marchers reached Washington they could be heard chanting:






The Arab and Muslim uprising in US was inspired by the historic events in Tunisia, and Egypt. The organizers behind this uprising believe if people power in the Arab world can topple the tyrants, there’s no excuse to not stand up to the clowns of the Arab and Muslim “lobby”, and shut the circus down.  They say they are determined to continue this uprising until their demands are met. Their supporters have also made it clear they will continue to support the legitimate demands of Arab and Muslim Americans. One man who had traveled to Washington from Texas to support the protesters summed it up well when he said “they are the sort of Arabs and Muslims America needs, and we should welcome, and the others should “ikhras”, which I today learned is the Arabic equivalent of the English Shut-up.