Hussein Ibish: Before and After

Read the following two statements from Hussein Ibish, the Senior Fellow at the now defunct Arab-wing of the pro-Israel lobby, the American Task Force On Palestine (ATFP). Both of these statements can’t be true. Fortunately, those of us who couldn’t care less about election results in the illegitimate, Zionist colonial entity in occupied Palestine don’t need to spend a moment trying to figure out whether Hussein got it right before or after the election.

Hussein Ibish before the election:

“The status quo will live on, whichever way Israel votes…the unfolding Israeli election campaign has produced a series of unexpected developments. But these new forces and factors aren’t likely to produce any major transformations, at least in the short run…probably not sufficient to produce anything truly transformative in Israeli politics or policies, at least for the moment…the essential elements of Israeli policy are unlikely to change.”

Hussein Ibish after the election:

“Devastating blow to hopes for peace…anyone who isn’t shocked at the results and their implications almost certainly doesn’t understand what is at stake and what a significant blow has been dealt to hopes for a better future.”