House Muslims Statistically Irrelevant

Good news! A new Gallup study demonstrates that Muslim-Americans give House Muslim organizations very little weight.

First, the New York Times gave us a heads up:

a study by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center to be released next week found that only a minority of American Muslims say that domestic Islamic groups represent them

The study was just released and it stated:

many Muslims do not feel there is a national Muslim-American organization that represents them. When asked which of a list of national Muslim American organizations represents their itnerests [sic], 55% of Muslim men and 42% of Muslim women say that none do.

Even more gratifying is this chart:

Source: Gallup, Inc.


At a laughable 12%, CAIR is doing the best among these House Muslims organizations. The runner up is ISNA, at 4% – 7%. Dining at the White House, giving the US credit for the Arab Spring,  and supporting imperialist wars doesn’t buy respectability from the community whose interests these groups claim to serve.

The study also states that:

[Muslim Americans] are the most likely faith group studied to reject violence targeting civilians

So, can CAIR and ISNA please take a deep breath and disengage from the ridiculous business of trying to “give Muslims a human face” and begging for approval?

Also uplifting:

Muslim Americans are the staunchest opponents of military attacks against civilians, with 78% saying such attacks are never justified. Muslim Americans are unique in the numbers in which they oppose such attacks.

Finally, housie* groups that collaborate with the FBI would be well advised to discontinue this self-defeating, immoral “strategy”:

[Muslim Americans] are less confident than Americans of other faith groups in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and military, among the U.S. institutions closely associated with what has been known as the “war on terror”

The Muslim American community’s collective political instincts, demonstrably, stand in stark contradiction to housies’ politics.  Ikhras’ mission is to expose these House Muslim organizations and bring down their credibility even lower than the measly numbers this study reveals. They clearly do not speak in Muslim-Americans’ name. Therefore, like we’ve been saying for the past year, any housies claiming to represent the community should ikhras. There’s scientific data that supports this imperative.

Assuming they concede the study’s accuracy, House Muslim groups will probably react to the results in one of two ways. At best, they will recognize how despicable their politics make them look in Muslims’ eyes and shut down. The more likely possibility is that they will try harder to “work within the establishment” and engage in even more groveling and kowtowing, in which case Ikhras will be watching and documenting.

* Housie: (n) short for “House Muslims and House Arabs,” terms inspired by Malcolm X’s speech on House Negroes.

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