House Arab Bipartisanship?

David “GO GOP” Ramadan is now a guest blogger on the website of the Arab-American Institute, James Zogby’s one-man outfit.   David’s latest blog entry, which we mentioned on IKHRAS earlier this week, appeared on Zogby’s website yesterday.  This is not the first time Jim the Democrat has promoted David the Republican.  A cynical mind might entertain the possibility Zogby, in an effort to discredit Arab Republicans,  is garnering attention for the buffoonish act of his counterpart in the Republican Party.  On the other hand, he may sincerely want to demonstrate support for his fellow Arab-American engaging in Zogby’s own brand of political activism in the opposing party.  Zogby, of course, is much more articulate, polished, and secure in his own skin.  David, as we have seen repeatedly, is a spoof on steroids.  Both of these self-promoters together can legitimately claim to represent 5-10 Arab-Americans, including their families.

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