“Highly Respected”

The ADL’s Abe Foxman considers Ziad Asali “highly respected.”  In today’s Huffington Post (emphasis added):

Others voicing concern include the highly respected Ziad Asali, the founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, who in an op-ed warned of the serious “financial, political and security consequences” of unilateral action.

That’s the same Zionist ADL that spies on activists including the ADC, of which Asali used to be president. In a previous lifetime Asali headed an organization that, to its credit, once sued the ADL for illegal surveillance on activists. Now he receives compliments from them. If that isn’t a sure sign of progress towards the liberation of Palestine, nothing is.

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  1. August 13, 2014 at 9:26 PM

    The reason that the blakcode is very simple. Since it withdrew from Gaza, Israel have sought to strangle and punich Gaza in any way they could. Your argument about Hamas’ status is purte hot air. How the hell can Hasm be part fo a state that doesn’t exist and which doesn;t exist bevasue Israel will not allow it to materiliaze?Israeli propagandists like yourself were arguing that the Palestinians were underserving of a state until they demonstrated democracy, and when they did, Israel punished them for it.Plese don;t leture to us about rejectiong of consituitionand prior law. Israel’s government frequently flouts Israeli and international laws at will, not to mention vilating close to 100 UN Resolutions and the Geneva Conventions.How about we agree to advocate for a consented international body to control the not just the part of Gaza, but the occupied territories as well? If accountabiolity to international law is of such concern to you then why not the occupied terirtories and the enforcement of the UN Resolutions that Israel refuses to abide by?Perhaps the 300 or so terror incidents that Hamas took credit for, is not incidental, and the shelling of Sderot is not incidental, bu the attack on Gaza, teh attack on Lebanon, the raids on Gaza in 2006, not to mention the countless incursion and enthnic cleasing by Israel are of a far graters and graver scaleYou cannot distinguish between the Israel’s escalation in December and he scale of the vilence they unleashed, because it was pre-planned and pre ordained to coincide with the Israeli elections. Israel decided they wanted a change to redeem their humilating defeat of 2006, and chose a soft target that would assure a suitable outcome.

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