Hanania Maintains ADC Leadership Role, Continues Offensive Rhetoric

[Ikhras Note: Even by the standards of Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania, his recent attack on international solidarity activists aboard the Audacity of Hope, and other ships taking part in the Freedom Flotilla II was particularly despicable. As his inflammatory, offensive rhetoric continues a New York-based justice activist questions how the ADC can maintain even a modicum of credibility as long as Hanania continues his leadership role in the organization.]

By Marlene Newesri

The Audacity of Hope has been renamed “The Audacity of Hate.” 

Whether Mr. Ray Hanania is leaving the ADC of his own choice is irrelevant at this point as he is still a Board Member and notably Vice President in Chicago as so stated on the ADC Chicago website.

Just recently, an email alert was sent out by the ADC regarding U.S. citizen John Klusmire being held by the Greek authorities who was the captain of the Audacity of Hope. The ADC had demanded the release of Mr. Klusmire and also left a website regarding the US Boat To Gaza, I suppose for anyone not familiar with this great humanitarian effort.

The question to the ADC is how they wish to maintain any credibility as an organization by sending out this alert, and then having one of its Board members write an article such as this for The Jerusalem Post wherein Mr. Hanania states that “the only thing the activists want is to flame the flames of regional extremism. ” He also claims that this is not about easing suffering. “This is about selfish, extremist politics, Israeli and Palestinian.”

It is not the first time that Mr. Hanania has written an article of this nature as he did so with the first flotilla in 2010.

This is unconscionable. It is not possible for any organization, regardless of who it is, to be sending out alerts like this while one of its own Board members is writing articles such as this in the Jeruslaem Post or anywhere else for that matter Mr. Hanania’s article is an insult and a disgrace to any human rights organization, an insult to the Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights Movement, as well as a grave insult to anyone anywhere who has stood up for the rights of others instead of remaining silent or indifferent

Apparently, those who risk their lives for others are being demonized by Mr. Hanania for their humanity.


 Pro-Justice Activist Rejects Ray Hanania’s “Logic”



  2 comments for “Hanania Maintains ADC Leadership Role, Continues Offensive Rhetoric

  1. August 18, 2015 at 10:23 PM

    I have no idea what you have said

  2. Anonymous
    November 1, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    Could it be Ikhras that he is not too bright. I mean when you write an op-ed you can show both sides, but you finally have to conclud by taking a strong position and usually it favors one side. He and his so called “peace” mission falls flat on their faces.  . Either s—-t or get off the pot. Either you defend Palestinians and those activists who support them  or say guys I am a handmaiden of Israel. That simple. Did you read the comments to his article in JP?  Zionists still criticize him as he is not politically right enough for them. So he loses not only respect and credibility as he looks like a donkey with two oversized ears on each side of his head.    So what is his so called “peace mission”, I think it is mission unaccomplished.

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