Ghaith al-Omari: The ATFP’s Liaison To The Pro-Israel Lobby, Part 2

10489947_10152288172849164_4103629536110377993_nIn our previous post we pointed out that Ghaith Al-Omari, one of the three stooges at the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), appears to be the ATFP’s main liaison to the pro-Israel lobby. The ATFP, of course, has a very strong working relationship with AIPAC and other racist Zionist groups like The Israel Project. Part of AIPAC’s work includes an ongoing series euphemistically referred to as “Educational Seminars on the Hill.” AIPAC describes these events as “unique opportunities to hear from leading policy experts on the key issues facing the U.S.-Israel relationship.”  The picture above is an invitation to one of these “unique opportunities.”  It says “for more than thirty years AIPAC has hosted this series to provide interns and young professionals the opportunity to learn more about the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel and to consider its impact on American interests in the Middle East.” It goes on to indicate the next events in this series will be held July 9th and 22nd. The first picture from the right is none other than Ghaith Al-Omari. It’s safe to assume that AIPAC would not be promoting anyone unless it believed he/she served its interests and the interests of Israel, which is the sole stated mission of this group. In its newly created and extensive list of FAQs the ATFP proclaimed it’s now ready to place “more emphasis on outreach” to the Palestinian-American community.  It’s probably too late for that, but if they really want to try they can begin by answering and adding the following three questions to their FAQ’s.

If the ATFP is not part of the pro-Israel lobby, why does it collaborate exclusively with the pro-Israel lobby?

Why is AIPAC promoting the ATFP?

Why would AIPAC choose Ghaith Al-Omari to address a Congressional staff briefing on its behalf