From Politico: Freedom song plays, discord remains

The Arab-American community should continue the current momentum gained from the ADC Malek Jandali scandal until this corrupt and useless organization is completely dissolved.  Any leftover ADC letterhead stationary, signs and banners, or cocktail glasses should be tossed into the trash bin at the Saudi embassy in Washington DC.

The Arab Spring blew into Washington, D.C., this weekend, as one of the the nation’s oldest Arab-American groups faced a sharp conflict between friends and patrons in Arab regimes and a generation of Arab-American activists eager to embrace the regional change…Critics suggested the group’s decision was linked to the friendship between ADC chairman Safa Rifka and Syria’s ambassador to the United States…But the ADC’s own members were not prepared to let their organization practice what some saw as an echo of the censorship that’s common across the Arab world. And in a mirror of the protests that have unfolded across the Arab world, many opposed to decision organized against the ADC using social media, angry email chains and word of mouth.

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