From KABOBfest: The Saracen Cause (Responding to Ikhras)

This article was first published on the Arab-American, variety website KABOBfest on May 29, 2011.  The article appears as a critique of Ikhras’  response to the AAI media coordinator’s previous attack piece , but also addresses what the writer apparently perceives to be the overall, general  approach Ikhras has taken to covering the activities of the select few within the Arab and Muslim American communities we have been following.

“Of course, one of the unintended negatives of the Ikhras specialization is that they shift the Saracen focus onto the bad apples, but offer their readers very little information on the good ones…There is also another dangerous pit that Ikhras (and others) could fall into — in the course of exposing the dishonest and counter-revolutionaries, we might end up discovering that there actually isn’t a single Saracen who can ever live up to our standard of honesty and devotion to the cause…What Baddar was clearly saying in his piece, which Ikhras completely failed to address and instead went onto their only area of expertise — reminding us why house-Arabs like Zogby must shut up (which he should) — was that perhaps the most effective way to further the Saracen cause for some is to engage the enemy in their own arena…”

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  1. Sarakenos
    June 6, 2011 at 3:12 AM

    The term “saracen” has been fully explained in the comments section
    where it was originally published. But some people, instead of saying
    “oh, I didn’t know this!” they have a panic attack after “learning
    something new” takes place and try to figure out how to belittle their
    ignorance and try to turn it into a lame joke, not to mention that they
    do so while claiming to speak on behalf of “most Americans, as well as
    Arab-Americans.” This combination of ignorance and arrogance (claiming
    to speak on behalf of millions) keeps re-appearing in all their
    content… it becomes their trade-mark.

    • June 6, 2011 at 6:42 AM

      Ah yes, we all have our trademarks:  some of us like to point out the futility of utilizing obscure classifications to appear uber-intellectual…and others of us become known for our apoplectic rants and prepubescent name-calling while hiding behind a fake screen name.  And here we see a Saracen after your own heart:

      • Sarakenos
        June 7, 2011 at 10:38 AM

        There is nothing uber-intellectual about the word “saracen.” If you were a Syrian, you would understand and agree with the definition. Not all Syrians are Arab, and by saying that it is the “Arab” cause, we are by default excluding those minoirities who belong to the country as much as (if not more than) any Arab (seeing that Arabs are the most recent immigrants to the region, relatively speaking). But of course, you knew all that, otherwise you would have asked why I used the word “Saracen” instead. But who gives a FUCK about Kurds, ARmenians, Circassians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Syriacs, Sabians, Samerians, Turkman, and so on? If they don’t like to be called “Arab” they can all go to hell. We’re not about to start using “uber-intellectual” terms that sound like something you hear on Star Trek, just to accommodate their existence, right?

        Speaking of “fake” people , if I was running the CIA or NSA and wanted to infiltrate Arab and Muslim groups, I wouldn’t be able to think of anyone more suitable than you to do that job. From what I’ve seen from you so far, you’ve been a very divisive individual, turning Arab against Arab, Muslim against Muslim, calling everyone you disagree with a “housie” (you stopped calling me that so I assume you realized it doesnt work and it surely doesnt make you look good). You are nothing like Rachel Corie (she was a very warm person). If you still wanna help the Palestinian cause, I recommend you join a Britney Spears groupie and ruin it from within (the world could do much better without her).

        • June 7, 2011 at 7:16 PM

          “Housie” became much too mild of a term for you, after all “traitor” or “Zionist” is much more fitting. After all, you’re the one defending someone on the US State Dept. payroll who is engaged in making propaganda videos for the very government responsible for massacring Arabs and Muslims around the world, and persecuting them here within US borders. Or have you never heard of Terre Haute?  This is with whom you have allied yourself, meanwhile people like me are the ones getting knocks on our doors from your buddies at the FBI and CIA. And you’re insinuating I’m the infiltrator, again, from your anonymous fake screen name? Cluck, cluck, cluck. I gave up KFC years ago.

          I never compared myself with Rachel Corrie, she was a martyr and her name certainly shouldn’t be invoked or patronized by izbala like you.

          And you’re right, I don’t give a damn about Kurds (forgive me if I change the sexual obscenity that seems to be your by-word). All I need to know about Kurds, I learned in Turkey, where a group of them were proud to be in joint aerial training exercises with “Israel.”


          • Sarakenos
            June 8, 2011 at 6:14 PM

            Is this the best defense you’re taught to present when you’re caught and your infiltrator identity revealed?

            I’m defending who exactly? Are you still talking about Dean? If that was what you meant, you’re gonna have to show me where exactly did I defend Dean Obeidallah. I wasn’t defending him, I was attacking your dumb, trashy article, written by a dumb trashy person. And your dumb trashy thoughts aren’t whimsical, your condition is chronic, and I fear there is no cure.

            Nevertheless, someone has to keep the leash on you, bitch. I think the term “bitch” is how you would be described in America. Come to think of it, you’re a bitch in every culture I have encountered. And every time I proverbially slap you, you spew out more of your hidden hateful shit (this time it’s about Kurds). It seems to be worthwhile to proverbially slap your rotten face every once in a while, to expose more of your hatred and divisive tactics. Who else do you hate aside from Kurds? Come on, let it all out. Blow the pints of shit out of your throat, cough it all out till you gag and your eyeballs pop out of your dumbass air-head.

            You’re not the one who gets to call anyone Zionist or housie around here. Your accusations are as meaningless as your existence. I hereby declare your license to represent Palestine revoked. Go play with marbles or go back to whatever nasty shithole you came out of. Go find yourself another cause to defend, like the right for all future Miss South Carolinas to express themselves without being ridiculed. And stop pretending you’re Rachel Corrie!

            On a serious note, someone asked the other day if you’re related to Dean Obeidallah. What do I tell them?

            • June 8, 2011 at 10:21 PM

              My, the chickens are scratching in full force. Since I’m in a relatively good mood, I’ll attribute your vitriol to a high level of tension in your personal life. So rather than remark on your lack of sharef or lack of deen (which is more than obvious without me having to point it out), I will advise you to relax before you pop an anyeurism. If I wasn’t feeling so generous, it probably wouldn’t take much for me to make your head go like the guy on Scanners; you’re probably too young to remember that movie, but you’re headed that way:  So take a deep breath and count to ten. It’s not my desire to further entertain keyboard warriors, therefore I will wait and finish our discourse in person someday, when I find you in whatever trailer, shack or parents’ basement you’re holed up in. I guarantee you won’t be repeating the things you have typed, as there will be no computer to hide behind.

              • Sarakenos
                June 10, 2011 at 1:11 AM

                You have too many chicken references (it was KFC before, I guess it is the infiltrator’s method to subliminally advertise for KFC). You don’t know what sharaf or deen are (if you did, you would have never written everything you did since the Dean piece, and probably even earlier than that). If you had sharaf, you would have shut the hell up a long time ago. But you’re a bitch, by default you’re sharaf-less.

                Rachel Corrie, for example, has sharaf, she would not engage in divisive writing and accuse every Palestinian she disagreed with of being a Zionist/housie/traitor/etc. Had she lived longer (in flesh), you probably would have written a piece on her for being a Zionist coward. If you truly honored her and the work she has done, you would try to follow her example. 

                This entire exchange with you had an aim: to expose your hateful and disgraceful self for everyone to see, and on the record.

                I honestly hope that I’d be wrong about your incapability of self-reflection and self-criticism; that one day you’d look back at all this and realize your faults.

                Oh and, regarding a meeting in person, I wouldn’t mind. Maybe what you really need is human contact and a lot of hugs. Who knows, might drain out some of the hatred in you.

                • June 10, 2011 at 4:21 PM

                  Were you abused as a child? Molested? What is it with your constant sexually-oriented insults and threats against women? What is it with your imagined “bromance” with Dean Obeidallah as you lash out at anyone who dares criticize him? Man crush? That is, if you are even a man. And it’s funny that someone who uses a Hellenic version of a Crusader term would call someone else an “infiltrator.”

                  Tammy has asked you not to disrespect Rachel Corrie’s memory by needlessly bringing her name into this conversation. It’s obvious to see you don’t respect anyone–dead or alive. Except Dean Obeidallah–there’s the red line.

                  So where are you located? States or where? 

                  • June 12, 2011 at 10:08 AM

                    LOL Rodney, this jerk just drives the nails further into his own coffin with every incoherent and asinine rant he posts. I already found his Facebook account (under the same lame pseudonym) and ripped him up there. Oh and get this, he has friends on his list that are from “Yerushalim, Israel.” ‘Nuff said.

  2. June 5, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    How about this? Let’s serve Arab and Muslim causes by changing the name (thus disgusing the “offensive” terms “Arab” and “Muslim”) to something most Americans, as well as Arab-Americans, would think originated in a Star Trek episode. “Saracen,” yeah, that’s a great idea!

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