From Ikhras Reader Hoda

From Ikhras Reader Hoda,

The ADC is at it again, this time defending the Syrian regime (see below). I don’t know anything about Malak Jandali or his politics, but the ADC practicing censorship in the service of authoritarian regimes comes at no surprise to me. I’m on their mailing list and it’s so obvious that they’re feeling the pressure from the Arab Left in the US — now all of a sudden they care about Palestine. They granted an award to Ahmet Dogan (father of Furkan Dogan, the 19 y/o Turkish American student executed on the flotilla last year), issued a report on the colonization of the Golan Heights, and are hosting a panel at their $300 conference on the BDS movement (someone should sneak into this panel and distribute printouts of Hussein Ibish’s tweet about dining with the Israeli ambassador to give a good hands-on explanation of why normalization and boycotting do not go hand-in-hand). The ADC could endorse a full revolutionary program and I still wouldn’t trust them — they sure didn’t, and still don’t, support it in the Arab world. Let’s also not forget the despicable press release they issued after OBL’s death was announced in which they reaffirmed their commitment to US empire and empty ideas of American “unity.”

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