1. Why Ikhras?

There are many anti-Imperialist, anti-Zionist websites and blogs out there that do a great job. But we’re unaware of any that specifically examine the destructive role played by some Arabs and Muslims in the US. Ikhras focuses on exposing the Arab and Muslim arms of the US empire, who whether inadvertently or intentionally, contribute to the war effort and hinder the liberation of occupied peoples.

2. What are these terms you keep using, House Muslim and House Arab?

These are the Arab and Muslim equivalents of Malcolm X’s “House Negro” and “Field Negro.” The House Arab and Muslim seek imperialism’s approval, feel grateful to it and undermine the Field Arab and Muslims’ struggle. See our mission statement for more analysis and a video of Malcolm’s speech.

3. Ikhras is too harsh. Some of the individuals and groups you call “House Arabs” and “House Muslims” do really good work defending civil liberties or working towards peace in the Middle East. Why don’t you cut them some slack?

We obviously encourage lawsuits and protests against individuals, groups and government agencies that  violate civil rights or discriminate against Arabs and Muslims and anyone else.   However, doing some good work doesn’t give license for contemptible behavior.  So go ahead and defend civil rights, and comdemn the next racist Hollywood movie or comment made by a politician. But don’t expect us to remain silent when you support US wars on innocent countries and peoples or invite representatives of pro-US, tyranical regimes to your events.

4. If you hate America so much, why are you here?

We have a global outlook on the issues facing our world today with an internationalist perspective firmly grounded in Universal Human Values.  It is our global perspective and values that inform and shape our political positions, and it makes no difference within which state’s borders we may be at any given time. In fact, living here is our first choice. As the great revolutionary Che Guevara once said “I envy you. You North Americans are very lucky. You are fighting the most important fight of all – you live in the heart of the beast.”

5. Does Ikhras support “Israel’s” “right to exist”?

Of course not.  Zionism is a racist colonial project, expansionist by nature and fascist in its methods.  It is illegimate for its underlying racist ideology, land theft and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people.  This colonial project must be defeated just as all racist ideologies and structures must be defeated wherever they may be found.  Palestine is an Arab country, and we call for its liberation from the river to the sea; the return of its true owners to their homes and property; and compensation.  Regardless of the variety of opinions among Palestinians under occupation as to the ideal path towards their liberation, the fact remains that Arabs and Muslims in the US were not appointed as spokespersons for the Palestinian people. Therefore, US Arabs and Muslims are not authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinian people or demand less than their full rights.  This is non-negotiable, so join the movement for the liberation of Palestine or Ikhras!

6. How does Ikhras view the Arab regimes?

The Arab states are ruled by oppressive regimes with abysmal human rights records.  All Arab regimes are undemocratic, unrepresentative, and illegitimate.  Ikhras calls for the removal of all these Arab dictators from power, and their replacement with governments representing the will of the Arab people.  All Arab rulers whether they call themselves Presidents, Kings, Emirs, or Sultans, are tyrants, traitors, and criminals that must be vanquished.

7. Where does Ikhras stand on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Ikhras condemns all criminal and imperialist wars of aggression.  We call for an immediate end to the foreign US military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, including the withdrawal of local American-installed puppets.  The US must also remove all its bases, and end its military presence in the entire Middle East.  War criminals should be immediately arrested and handed over to the proper International Court to stand trial for their war crimes. (John Abizaid should be tasked with shining the shoes of other war criminals and sweeping the jail house floor)   We also call on the American government to pay reparations, issue a public apology, and declare it will never invade any other country or meddle in the internal affairs of other countries.   A couple of generations after the above actions are taken the victims of US wars and occupation might forgive us.

8. Is Ikhras associated with any other entities?

Ikhras is not associated with any party, organization, movement, or government and does not receive support from anyone.  We are  independent writers and activists interested only in presenting our own views.

9. If you don’t believe in voting, writing to senators or the kind of work House Arabs and House Muslims are doing, how exactly do you want Arabs and Muslims in the US to bring about positive political change?

We do not harbor any illusions that change is possible “from within” the American political and electoral sytem, and we certainly will not be writing to any Senator or elected official bought and paid for by the ruling corporate class or the Zionist lobby.  We support protests,  grassroots organizing, community empowerment, nonviolent resistance, education, civil disobedience, strikes,  demanding boycott, divestment and sanctions against “Israel”.  Such activism must not be ethno-centric nor restriced to within the US.  It should include men, women and children across all religious, ethnic, and class divisions and national borders in order to work for progressive change on a global scale affecting us here in the US.

10. Can I write for Ikhras?

Yes.  If you would like to throw the proverbial shoe in written form at any Arab dictator or House Arabs and House Muslims in the US, visit our submissions page for guidelines.