Family Ties: Ray Hanania

One of Palestinian-American Zionist Ray Hanania’s uncles passed away last week, and Ray has been talking about him on his website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. In his last tweet about his uncle Assad Shorrosh Ray describes him as his “last surviving uncle.” The tweet included a link to a Facebook entry which, in turn, included a link to an obituary on his website in which he describes his late uncle as follows:

ASSAD SHORROSH, age 85, of Spring,Texas. Beloved son of the late Augustine and Olga Shorrosh, Nazareth, Palestine. Dear sibling of brothers Anis and Samuel, and his late sister Kamleh.” [Bolded by ikhras]

The reader will notice that only the sister’s name, Kamleh, was preceded with the adjective “late”, not the other two siblings which would indicate they are still alive.  Admittedly, this may just be the latest example of Ray’s typically confused, incoherent blathering; however, ikhras has discovered some interesting family ties that suggest something else might be at play. Before we share what we’ve learned we would remind our readers that although Ray has spent a great deal of time this past week discussing his family on Facebook and Twitter, including many specific names and pictures, he did not mention Anis Shorrosh until he (perhaps mistakenly) included him in his late uncle’s obituary.

A quick google search reveals Anis Shorrosh is a buffoonish Baptist Minister overtly hostile to Islam, and quite popular among kooky, right-wing evangelicals and Christian Zionists. Anis Shorrosh is a fanatical supporter of the Zionist colonial project in Palestine and claims Israel has always been threatened by the violent Arab and Muslim savages. This charmer also insists that Islam has a twenty-year plan to take over America. In 2010 Anis Shorrosh was arrested for Arson. Ikhras could not find any writings or confirm any public appearances for Anis Shorrosh since his arrest and it appears his websites were all taken down. We’re not interested in Anis Shorrosh’s alleged criminal activities, and unless he’s been convicted in a court of law he is entitled to a presumption of innocence.

We have always described Ray Hanania as a Palestinian-American Zionist, not a Christian Zionist. The reason we deliberately chose this description is because although Ray Hanania is a cheap sectarian agitator, anti-Arab racist, and Islamophobe, his Zionism was never couched in theological language which stands in sharp contrast to Anis Shorrosh’s theologically-based Zionism.

This leaves us with some interesting questions Ray Hanania might want to answer. How can Assad Shorrosh be his “last surviving uncle” if Assad’s brother Anis remains alive? Second, what is his relationship with Anis Shorrosh? Third, why has Ray ignored Anis and not spoken about him when he’s mentioned everyone else in the family this past week? And finally, what does Ray think of Anis Shorrosh and his views?

Ray Hanania, like all of us, of course, should be judged as an individual. He is not responsible for his uncle nor is he required to apologize on his behalf. Ray should, however, apologize for his own behavior. Did he think we forgot?