Down With The Hashemites: This Traitor Should Also Pack His Bags

The traitor and dictator shakes hands with the butcher of Qana

The Hashemite regime in Jordan, Zionism’s oldest, and most trusted friend in the Arab world continues its oppression of the people of Jordan, and its collaboration with the Zionist entity. Treason and subservience to the Western powers is a Hashemite tradition, but this regime’s stability is as illusory as all the other Arab dictatorships.  Let’s get rid of it.

(Amman) – Jordan should stop stifling dissent and allow Jordanians to voice their grievances freely, Human Rights Watch said today in releasing itsWorld Report 2011 chapter on Jordan.

Jordan’s General Intelligence Department (GID) continued to influence decisions in most aspects of Jordanian public life, including academic freedom, government appointments, and the issuing of residency permits to non-Jordanians and “good conduct” certificates required for Jordanians seeking work abroad. The GID harassed citizens, including one former senior government advisor, over their criticism of government policies by summoning them for interrogation and threatening them with unspecified harm….Torture, routine and widespread in recent years, continues, in particular at police stations, where complaints about ill-treatment increased in 2009 and again in 2010, according to the National Center for Human Rights (NCHR).