David “Go GOP” Ramadan’s Real Name Discovered

Lebanese-American buffoon, and current candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, David “Go GOP” Ramadan‘s real name has been discovered. Ikhras reader OmarBeik uncovered and verified that “David’s” first name is actually Imad, his current middle name.

That makes much more sense because as anyone familiar with Lebanon would know “David” is not an often used name in the Southern Suburb of Beirut where he was born and raised.  Years later in 2006, as an immigrant-turned-neighborhood spectacle in South Riding, Virginia named “David”, the former Imad would support the destruction of his own childhood neighborhood by Israel.  That particularly barbaric onslaught, even by the standards of the Zionist entity, was carried out with the full complicity of the George W. Bush administration which “David” enthusiastically supported.

At some point between leaving Southern Beirut and settling in South Riding Imad turned into “David”, and ended up as Republican Party booster David Ramadan, a name not unlike Mouhamed McDonnell.  House Arabs have a habit of substituting their Arabic name with a more English-sounding one, a change they consider an integral part of their assimilation process.  This is especially true for someone like David who exhibits all the symptoms of an inferiority complex.   David probably concluded that an Arab “born into a Muslim family” (which is how he prefers to describe himself rather than simply a Muslim) from Beirut must definitely change a name that can potentially, upon first glance, be read as something that sounds a little too much like “I’m Mad.”

For more on this despicable character visit Ikhras.com http://ikhras.com/tag/david-ramadan/

  4 comments for “David “Go GOP” Ramadan’s Real Name Discovered

  1. Manasterli
    July 26, 2011 at 2:29 AM

    Ikhras, I would suggest that if you are to talk about someone, that you should step down from that pedestal that you raise yourself on. All of your jabber means nothing, I feel that you just go to your blog to just vent and feel like you made a difference, that my friend is called being lazy. And it seems that the more you write the more of the jealous undertones come out in your verbiage. Your methodology in reaching your audience is quite lacking and honestly I am embarrassed for you. If a person wants to change his name, that is none of your business, would it have made you happier if he changed it to some other that “American.” A word of advice your writing is becoming very childish in nature and unbecoming of a professional. Next time you point your finger at someone, remember that three of those fingers are pointing back at you.

  2. Kamal Adwan
    June 30, 2011 at 5:25 AM

    Jamal makes some qualified points (i.e. in some circumstances, changing names is acceptable).

    Yet Ikhras’ intention was not to make fun of the act of the name changing per se, or having “House Arab” names, for that matter. Edward Said is a Palestinian great, who to many (including himself, when he was younger), has an “awkward” name: both English and Arabic origins.

    It is, instead, mocking the imagined need for many Arabs to please Uncle Sam. The need for this hastened assimilation shows cowardice by David Ramadan.

    Assimilation — which is often portrayed in a positive light in American political discourse — is not to be confused with integration, which allows you to combine elements from various cultures. Assimilation, on the other hand, means silencing your old “inferior” identity for your new “modern” one. And David Ramadan is doing just that.

    • Anonymous
      June 30, 2011 at 10:30 AM


      That is EXACTLY the point we are making.  Thank-you. 

  3. Jim (Jamal)
    June 17, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    you have to stop mixing things up or you will offend more people. Screw David Ramadan. You are doing it a fantastic job exposing the slime ball.  But changing first or last names has nothing to do with being a House Arab or any kind of Arab. Many Arabs are Christians and have what you call House Arab names. Many Muslim Arabs changed names to avoid having their CVs thrown out in the trash bin. I support you 100% even when you get into immature and childish rants about names.  So stop offending people unnecessarily. 

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