David “Go GOP” Ramadan: The Candidate

Great news!  We finally have an Arab-American comedy show that promises lots of laughs.  Arab-American clown and Republican Party booster David “Go GOP” Ramadan is seeking public office.   Ramadan will be running for the Republican nomination for the 87th District of the Virginia House of Delegates.

This announcement sheds new light on the impetus behind Ramadan’s buffoonery over the past few years.  It turns out the first name change, flag-waving, thumbs-up signs, transparent hyper-patriotism, and “Go GOP” chants were all part of laying the ground work for a career in public office.  This also helps explain his support and approval of US-Israeli wars on the Arab world including the 2006 Israeli onslaught on Lebanon in which over 1500 Lebanese civilians were slaughtered with the full military, political, and diplomatic support of the George W. Bush administration.   The Southern suburb of Beirut, David’s own childhood neighborhood, suffered the most casualties and was virtually destroyed in its entirety by the Israeli air force as the Bush administration delayed all regional and international efforts to end the barbarism in order to give Israel more time to inflict even more death and destruction in hopes of defeating the Lebanese resistance.  Ramadan nodded in agreement like a well trained monkey and was an enthusiastic supporter of the criminal Bush administration.

Ramadan, who even without running for public office is in a constant state of ecstatic patriotism, is certain to be an entertaining candidate.  We look forward to him regurgitating Republican talking points and American clichés in his Arabic-accented American English as he sets out to prove his Americanism.  With a predictable immigrant’s journey to America story as a campaign theme, the over compensation for his minority status, and a large collection of red, white, and blue ties this campaign will definitely be worth watching.

The primary is scheduled for August 23, 2011, and elections for the office of Virginia’s state representatives will be held on November 8, 2011. It would be a shame if Ramadan loses the primary and has an early exit. We’re looking forward to watching David the candidate.  “Go Go GOP.”

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