David “Go GOP” Ramadan Kicks Off Campaign With Sarah Palin Impersonation – Picture Gallery

There was never any doubt Arab-American buffoon and Republican Party booster David “Go GOP” Ramadan‘s campaign for public office would provide more laughs in a single campaign season than Ray Hanania has in his entire “comedy” career.  What we didn’t know is that the laughs would begin even before the campaign kicked off.  These photos were uploaded to David’s Facebook just last week after announcing he will be running for office.  David lives in a conservative Republican district and the self-described “conservative Republican” is obviously trying to convey his own version of the stereotypical American concerned with God, guns, and country, all essential themes for anyone seeking the Republican nomination for a seat in the Virginia legislature.  These pictures are not merely the latest attempt in David’s never ending quest to demonstrate his all-American credentials, but are designed as part of his image campaign.  We discovered they work best as an impersonation of Sarah Palin on her reality TV show Alaska.  “Go Go GOP…Go Go GOP…”