Concessions from Chicago

Palestinian-American Zionist in Chicago now saysPalestinians have already recognized Israel.”

This is the same person who has called on the Palestinians to abandon their right of return and recognize a Jewish-exclusivist state in atleast 78% of Palestine.  Now he’s saying “The acceptance of this country is not only inherent in the Palestinians’ repeated declarations but also in the fact that their leaders are sitting down and negotiating two states.”  When did Mahmoud Abbas and his Vichy regime in Ramallah become the “leaders” of the Palestinians?   The Oslo gang in Ramallah maintains its authority only with Western funding, Israeli protection, and American sponsorship including oversight of a police force tasked with quelling all Palestinian popular resistance to occupation.  Meanwhile the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinians are under siege in Gaza or sitting in Israeli (or PA) jails.

This same person who objected to the words Nakba and Apartheid to describe the Palestinian reality now says “Many Israelis do not recognize the West Bank as the West Bank at all and in fact refer to the area as “Judea and Samaria.” It is an offensive term that is the equivalent to “Zionist state” used by many Palestinians who refer to the 1948 lands that were occupied by Israel.”

Well first of all it is referred to as the “Zionist entity”(الكيان الصهيوني), not Zionist state, another example where the lack of language skills is translated into inaccuracies of a very substantive nature.  Furthermore, the Zionist entity does not refer only to the occupied areas of Palestine-48, but to the entire Zionist colonial regime which has never established any borders, and had it done so, would not be recognized on one square mile anywhere in Palestine.

The demise of the Zionist entity is inevitable.  Apartheid, racism, and colonialism will be defeated, and the Nakba will come to an end with the return of the Palestinians to their homes, lands, and towns.  Opposing this morally compelling, common sense resolution of the conflict while defending the legitimacy of Zionism within any borders is what’s offensive.  You are offensive.  Ikhras!

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