CNN Knew About Nasr’s Work For The Lebanese Forces When She Was Hired

In a previous post (see Ikhras Shoe Of The Month March 2013 below) we pointed out Lebanese right-wing journalist Octavia Nasr began her journalism career in Lebanon at the LBC network, the propaganda arm of the fascist Lebanese Forces established by Bashir Gemayel with the help and support of Israel before moving on to spend 20 years with CNN.  Ikhras has confirmed that CNN was informed of Nasr’s work for the Lebanese Forces when she was first hired.  Not only did this not raise any red flags for CNN management, but apparently working for a fascistic organization responsible for some of the ugliest massacres witnessed in recent history makes one an ideal employee at the unofficial US regime network.  The following is from Lebanese-American Professor of Political Science Dr. As’ad Abukhalil. We cite with his permission.

When she [Nasr] was first hired I called Bernard Shaw, who was the chief anchor and I knew him some from DC and he interviewed me many times.  I told him that she worked for the Lebanese Forces militia station, and he was shocked.  He told me that they were under the impression that LBC is the state TV station of Lebanon.  I spoke to him at length and he asked me to wait to take notes. He said that he would bring it up with management but nothing happened.  I also mentioned I remember that her English was pretty weak.