Just When You Thought Hussein Ibish Couldnt Sink Any Lower

[Ikhras note: Hussein Ibish has now sunk further than we thought was possible, even for him. As far as the intellectual godfather of the establishment Arabs is concerned, it is no longer sufficient to condemn all Palestinian resistance to Israel’s violent occupation nor is it sufficient to simply refrain from condemning Israel’s violence against Palestinians.  We must now also condemn, or at least disassociate from and refuse to endorse, any Palestinian condemnation of Israeli violence against them]

House Arabs no ally to Occupy Wall Street

American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee’s ex Media Director and current senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine’s Hussein Ibish wrote the following, encouraging a hierarchical power structure in the Occupy Wall Street over its current decentralized, grassroots format:

The Occupy Wall Street movement, by contrast, shows no signs of being mobilized by a political party or organization to create real change in politics or policy. Any movement so broad-based, leaderless (though there are some organizers who can be identified) and, frankly, unfocused runs the risk of simply fizzling out without leaving any lasting legacy … Arabs should be very familiar with this conundrum. The Egyptian experience in particular has shown the limitations of a leaderless, spontaneous movement. It creates momentum but cannot harness it. That can only be done by organized political groupings.

Gigi Ibrahim

Ibish’s own previous statements undermine the value of the above unsolicited advice to Occupy Wall Street. His concern is more about tailoring popular discourse to his own taste than preserving the movement’s influence. A case in point: he recently reprimanded Egyptian revolutionary Gigi Ibrahim for her criticisms of some Egyptian activists’ lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Ms. Ibrahim had battled Mubarak’s hoodlums in the streets and endured tear gassings and beatings from the Egyptian military. Nevertheless, she became the object of Hussein Ibish and Arab American Institute’s Omar Baddar’s criticisms for rejecting the idea that meaningful change could come from the same institutions of power that had enabled Mubarak, armed Israel and waged wars, occupations and sanctions on millions of Arabs.

5 Issues David “Go GOP” Ramadan Refused To Address During Campaign


Your engagement with America is obviously based on the assumption that all of us Americans are racist, anti-Arab bigots and Islamophobes for whom you must disassociate from your religious and ethnic heritage in order to make yourself less repugnant.  This was clear even before you decided to run for public office.  You have now ran a public campaign for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates based on a strategy of deliberate ambiguity and deception, and the insulting assumption that a majority of Americans are racist, anti-Muslim bigots that won’t vote for an Arab, Muslim candidate.…We will have to wait till Tuesday to learn if you were able to buy a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, but we don’t need to wait for the election results to know the real winners will not be Virginians, but rather the Beirutis that no longer have such a despicable character living among them.


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“I’d like to introduce #IKHRAS, a voice to those resisting US Imperialism/Zionism with focus on exposing House Arabs”

Carlos Latuff, Brazilian artist




“To the writers at Ikhras… you are cowards, and despicable cowards at that … the community should neither forgive nor forget this outrageous and cowardly website … the scoundrels at Ikhras have done a lot in the past 24 hours to add to the bill of particulars building against them in all sane elements of the Arab and Muslim American communities. They have pledged to continue their malignant activities and I have no doubt that they will.”

 Hussein Ibish, Senior Fellow, American Task Force on Palestine

Ikhras Shoe Of The Month Award Winner – October 2011

Ikhras is pleased to announce the winner of the Muntadhar Zaidi Shoe of the Month Award for this October, 2011 is Palestinian-American Zionist, failed comedian, Radio Talk Show host (but only because he buys his own airtime), Jerusalem Post columnist, and former (following an uproar by members of the organization) ADC National Board member Ray Hanania.

Hanania earned this prestigious honor based on his last column in the Zionist rag that publishes his weekly blathering. In an October 25 piece Hanania criticized the Palestinians’ tenacious and honorable defense of their released heroes, compared an Israeli terrorist soldier to the released Palestinian prisoners, praised “remorseful” Israeli terrorist soldiers while describing Palestinian freedom fighters as unremorseful “mass murderers”, and “terrorists”:

From Tahrir Sq To Occupy Wall St: A Solidarity Letter From Cairo

[Ikhras Note: Establishment Arabs in Washington divide their time between pandering to the US ruling class and the officials of American-approved Arab dictatorships.  They simultaneously ignore the concerns and well-being of the vast majority of Americans, including Arab-Americans, and the oppressed Arab masses.  It is left to grassroots popular movements in the Arab world and the US to bring Arabs and Americans together in a global solidarity movement that recognizes Arabs and Americans are bound together by a set of universal human values and the vast majority of both peoples share the same aspirations and goals for their own futures and a better, more just global society.

When we launched Ikhras we shared our own thoughts on change here in the US and abroad and wroteWe support protests, grassroots organizing, community empowerment, nonviolent resistance, education, civil disobedience, strikes, demanding boycott, divestment and sanctions against “Israel”.  Such activism must not be ethno-centric nor restricted to within the US.  It should include men, women and children across all religious, ethnic, and class divisions and national borders in order to work for progressive change on a global scale affecting us here in the US.”

With the 2011 Arab uprising and the appearance of the Occupy Wall Street movement such an opportunity now appears greater than ever.  In that spirit we are pleased to publish this letter of solidarity from Egyptian activists of Tahrir Square to the American people that have taken to their own streets demanding, like the Egyptian revolutionaries, a more just political and economic order.]

To all those in the United States currently occupying parks, squares and other spaces, your comrades in Cairo are watching you in solidarity. Having received so much advice from you about transitioning to democracy, we thought it’s our turn to pass on some advice…We are all watching one another now, and from Cairo we want to say that we are in solidarity with you, and we love you all for what you are doing.

Solidarity Letter from Cairo

A Desperate ATFP Invokes The Support Of Ray Hanania

How desperate are the three guys at the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) for Palestinian-American support? Well, they’re desperate enough to invoke the endorsement of Palestinian-American Zionist and failed comedian,  Ray Hanania.  The outfit, which functions as a Washington public relations firm for the collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority (PA) in occupied Ramallah posted Hanania’s latest article in defense of the ATFP on its official website.

That the ATFP has been reduced to highlighting the support of Hanania for the group says all we need to know about this organization’s relationship with the community it claims to represent. 

Palestinian Resistance, Zionist Entity Prisoner Exchange

The Zionist entity considers itself to have paid a “heavy price” by releasing over 1000 kidnapped Palestinians in exchange for a single terrorist soldier, a manifestation of the racist nature of Israeli society, but for every single Palestinian that remains held in Zionist prisons the Palestinians have a right to introduce the world to one thousand more Gilad Shalits. 

In exchange for a single captured Israeli POW over 1000 kidnapped Palestinians will be released from Zionist occupation prisons. Although a single French man serving in the Israeli terrorist army in occupied Palestine has become a household name with a face, family and friends, Palestinian prisoners are rarely given a name or a face and their friends and family are never interviewed. The human story of Gilad Shalit and his family is well known, but the Palestinians remain anonymous by the thousands.

Social Etiquette 101: A Primer For Those Attending ATFP Gala

[Ikhras note: The following article was first published on ikhras.com last October in preparation for the ATFP’s 5th annual gala.  The same rules of etiquette remain applicable this year. Please read it carefully.]

The anticipation for the American Task Force on Palestineannual Gala continues to grow as we near the event later this month.  You have less than two weeks to secure a black-tie tuxedo, refine your etiquette skills, and join the ranks of the elegant Arabs.  Please don’t procrastinate and put things off till the last minute.  One and a half million Palestinians in Gaza have placed their hopes on ending the siege and living a normal life on this event.  Millions of displaced Palestinian refugees are convinced this gala will secure their eventual right of return to their homes, land, and property.  Palestinian liberation and full sovereignty over all of Palestine from the river to the sea depends on the success of this event.   Your social behavior is critically important.

It’s That Time Of Year: Get Your Tuxedo, The ATFP Is Going Gala
















Ziad Asali’s favorite night of the year is here again.  On October 19 the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), the Washington public relations front for the Israeli-sponsored, Western-funded, American-supervised Palestinian (illusory) Authority (PA) will hold its annual gala.  The black-tie event brings out the dapper and debonair version of Ziad as he dons his black-tie tuxedo and prounces around a Washington hotel  ballroom bowing before US and/or Arab officials.   Ziad must be thrilled Salam Fayyad will be the gala’s keynote speaker this year.  The last time Fayyad attended the ATFP’s annual event Ziad’s tuxedo wasn’t draped around him as tight as he was around the American-appointed Prime Minister of the PA. Hussein Ibish will also attend the gala in his own tailored tuxedo, feigning intellectual honesty and wearing urbanity like cheap makeup.

Stop Lying To America: “We Will Not Recognize Israel”

This photo will upset the likes of Ziad Asali, Hussein Ibish, Ray Hanania, and James Zogby and it will infuriate Mona Eltahawy.  It represents 99.9% of Arab public opinion and exposes the lies the House Arabs tell in America.  The Washington Arabs can recognize Israel and collaborate with the Zionist lobby because garnering support among the mainstream media and the exigencies of life on the margins of US officialdom require them to do so, but they do not speak for the Arab-American community and they do not speak for the Arab world. Its time they stop lying to the country they decided to make their home. The Arab world and all freedom loving people everywhere will never recognize the usurping Zionist entity in Palestine. There will never be any recognition of Israel and there will never be any peace with Zionism.  Peace comes after Zionism.

Photo credit: Ashraf Shakah


Radwan Ziadeh Calls For War On Syria

State Dept Tool Radwan Ziadeh With Hillary

US State Department tool Radwan Ziadeh today called for a war on Syria.  Speaking on Aljazeera’s prime-time, evening newscast “daily harvest”, Washington’s favorite Syrian “human rights activist” did not actually utter the word “war”, but that word is rarely used even by the powers that wage the war.  Instead he opted for the agreed upon euphemism of “international protection.”  He went on to explain “international protection” would be justified under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.  Like the minute fraction of Arabs (they are always a minute fraction) that previously supported Western wars on Iraq and Libya, Ziadeh and a handful of like-minded friends are quick to cite Chapter 7 as a “legal basis” for their self-serving collaboration and a fig leaf for their treason.  This is not the first time Ziadeh has expressed his support for a potential war on Syria, but he’s never been as clear as he was today.

Short of the American military invasion and occupation of Syria which Ziadeh is hoping for, at which time he can fly into Damascus on a US Air Force C-17 like Ahmad Chalabi arrived in Iraq, he is unlikely to ever return to the country where he would certainly be arrested and put on trial for treason regardless if the current regime remains in power or not.  Ziadeh, who has appeared before anti-Syrian, Zionist groups, has also expressed his willingness, in the event he becomes part of a Western-installed regime in Damascus, to recognize the Zionist entity and continues his silence on Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

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Imperial Arrogance In Hama: U.S. Interference in Syria Must End

James Zogby on Syria

In a recent Huffington Post article titled “Support Syria’s People”, James Zogby declared the Syrian regime has lost its legitimacy and called on the league of Arab states to “suspend” Syria’s membership in the organization.

“The Arab League should make it clear that the Assad regime has lost whatever legitimacy it once claimed in the Arab World and promptly suspend its membership in the organization, declaring that the regime has forfeited the right to play a role in Syria’s and the region’s future.”

That the self-appointed spokesperson of the Arab-American community is continuing his decades-long pattern of self-serving pandering to U.S. officials comes as no surprise to anyone.  Zogby’s shameless behavior is so well known and established by now that Arab-Americans have been mostly ignoring the omnipresent careerist and his hijacking of the collective community name. As long as Zogby is organizing galas and promoting ignorant, oil-sheiks Arab-Americans can continue ignoring his social calendar, but the community must not ignore his self-promoting activities when they include the cynical manipulation of the 2011 Arab uprising and the political and human rights of the Arab people.

Ikhras Shoe Of The Month Award Winner – September 2011

Whereas on September 23, 2011, after leaving occupied Palestine with an Israeli-issued VIP pass, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), the head of the Israeli sponsored, Western-funded, American supervised collaborationist Palestinian (illusory) Authority in occupied Ramallah begged the United Nations for a facade of a state situated on 22% Palestine;