CAIR Finally Off The Hook

CAIR with Bush

A collective sigh of relief could be heard around Council of American Islamic Relation’s (CAIR) offices this morning. CAIR proclaimed it “welcomed an anti-terror statement by Saudi Arabia’s top religious leader made in a sermon at the peak of the Hajj, the most important event on Islam’s spiritual calendar.” The misogynist Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheikh “called for religious moderation and said Islam prohibits terrorism, extremism and injustice.” CAIR’s Nihad Awad professed that “This statement from Islam’s spiritual capital should put to rest once and for all the false claim that Muslim leaders do not condemn terrorism.”

Awad appears to believe the oppression of Muslims, women, and foreign laborers within the Arabian Peninsula by the Saudi regime, and its peace overtures to the Zionist entity should be ignored because the Saudi regime is the American-approved representative of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

CAIR dutifully listening to Obama

The Sheikh’s statement and CAIR’s reaction to it are very significant. Think about it. Now that one of the highest authorities in Islam has prohibited terrorism, CAIR can finally stop obsessing about proving they’re good Americans, attending self-defeating interfaith meetings with Zionists, and dining in the White House alongside presidents who wage wars against Muslims. Now that so much of CAIR’s busy agenda has been freed up, maybe it will finally engage in useful activities to serve justice, stand up to US empire, demand an end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, demand an end to aid to Israel, shut down Guanatanmo and stop giving Obama the highest approval ratings of any major religious group in the US.

CAIR’s relief at the realization that it is finally off the hook, one would hope, indicates CAIR’s possible migration from the House Muslim camp to the Field Muslim camp, which gives us one less group of housies* to be concerned with. Perhaps that’s asking for too much. It would suffice if CAIR announces that it will no longer have Ramadan iftars with imperialist commanders in chief or engage in the other despicable activities it’s become known for.

* Housies (n) short for “House Arabs and House Muslims”, similar to “House Negro” used by Malcolm X.

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  1. July 9, 2012 at 5:58 AM

    Of all the rubbish I have ever heard this Sheikh Abdul-Aziz
    Al-Sheikh is mad so they must have got a body double to stand in for him to
    make a peaceful statement. This is the man who in March called for the destruction
    of all Churches across the Arabian peninsula. The Hejaz and the Holy
    places need to be liberated from the clutches of this mad man he is even
    destroying the Holy Islamic shrines.

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