CAIR and the Egyptian Revolution

One of the top ways to disrespect a revolution is to use it as an opportunity to score cheap political points by praising your own local warmongering commander in chief and ignoring that Obama has sent military support to Mubarak since the former was inaugurated. CAIR has stated:

[Nihad] Awad said CAIR also welcomed President Obama’s statements in support of a “genuine transition” to democracy in Egypt. “President Obama demonstrated that he is on the right side of history by supporting the will of the Egyptian people,” said Awad.

Awad is supposed to know Arabic, so unlike James Zogby and Ray Hanania, one can’t give him the benefit of the doubt for failing to understand the Egyptian people’s outrage at numerous US administrations’ support for their dictator. In fact, the Egyptian people’s dissatisfaction with US support for Obama was even stated for him in plain English in mainstream media:

Anti-American sentiment in Egypt has percolated just below the surface in Egypt for years, exacerbated by the 2003 invasion of Iraq and Washington’s steadfast support for Israel.

While the current level of public antipathy remains relatively low, anti-U.S. placards have been popping up amid the anti-Mubarak posters in the streets. And some seeking an end to Mubarak’s three decades of rule are quick to cite what they see as American hypocrisy.

“They are just waiting to see which side wins and then they will claim to have backed them all along,” said Amin Iskander, an official of the El Karama party, an opposition group.

If you must state your congratulations to the Egyptian people along with praise for a US president who’d supported the target of their revolution, then better to ikhras, Nihad. You’re either hopelessly naive for believing damage-control statements politicians like Obama make and taking them at face value. Or you’re opportunistic. Either way, you’re an embarrassing spokesperson for US Muslims. Both you and Obama are on the wrong side of history on this and on many other issues.