Qasim Lutfi

I understand Arab-Americans who don’t want to resist the wars and occupations out of fear of retribution, violation of civil liberties and deportation. But that is no excuse to collaborate with the war machine. If you can’t oppose the war, at least consider shutting up.

Thabit Al-Arabi

I’m an Arab in America who is neither solely Arab or American seeking neither approval nor acceptance from the power establishment or anyone else, Arab or American.  I feel at home everywhere on this planet and I’m not a minority in any country.  I don’t identify with any one ethnic group and certainly not the House Arabs of this country.  The America I identify with is the America of the victims of the historic crimes committed by the US government against Native, African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans.  My American heroes are people like Malcom X who stood for social justice at home and abroad and condemned US crimes both at home and abroad.  As an Internationalist and citizen of the world my presence here compels me to be the first to stand and condemn the crimes of the empire of my time.  Go look somewhere else for Arabs who will wave your flag, support your wars, and parrot your slogans.  And when you find them let them know I said IKHRAS!