Bin-Ali and Mubarak Are Waiting For You

A visit by king Abdullah of Jordan turned violent yesterday when his bodyguards opened fire on protesters. This incident occurred one day after the Jordanian minister of foreign affairs, Nasser Juidah, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “Jordan ­under Abdullah was different than Mubarak’s Egypt,” as “democratization was well under way in Jordan.”…Despite the Jordanian king’s verbal support of change and democratization of the country, he has shown a much less tolerant approach for opposition and criticism than his relatively forgiving father, the late King Hussein. Recently, an outstanding opposition figure, Leith Shubilat, wrote an open letter of advice to King Abdullah; in it, he claimed the king had sent him a message stating, “I am not like my father, I do not put people (the opposition) in jail; I just kill them;”