Arab-Americans Join The Counter-Revolution

Mona Eltahawy supports Western Military attacks on Libya and refers to them as “intervention.” Hussein Ibish supports the Saudi forces invasion of Bahrain to help a fellow Monarchist regime kill its own peaceful protesters, and describes it as a “GCC intervention” that is “legal” based on “treaty obligations.”   James Zogby supports both and is just very grateful a “Shake” in “Abu-Dobby” gave him a weekly talk show where he can discuss all good “interventions.”

Expect these same Arab-Americans to congratulate the people of Bahrain if, and when, they overthrow the dictator.  And if Qadhafi survives and his relationship with Western regimes returns to what it was just two months ago we might even see his Ambassador in Washington invited as an honored guest at an Arab-American Gala at the Ritz Carlton.