Anything and everything for the US

Today’s Philadelphia Daily News, among other sources, reports:

“some Muslim communities across the United States are canceling banquets or other celebrations that mark the end of Ramadan because they would fall on or near Sept. 11. In Newark, Del., Masjid Ibrahim canceled its annual feast because it was to take place on Sept. 12.”

If Islam in fact had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, why cancel an Islamic celebration? Doesn’t that prove the islamophobes’ point? It’s sad that so many US-based Muslims feel defensive. You would’ve thought that instead of the US occupying Afghanistan and Iraq that Muslims were militarily occupying California and Florida.

To prove you’re a good US citizen, we advise our Muslim-American readers to consider the following:

1) Cancel hajj (Islamic duty of pilgrimage) and ‘umrah since Mecca is a mere 6,000 miles away from Ground Zero.

2) Do you wear a kuffiyeh or a hijab? Make sure it’s made of stars and stripes fabric.

3) Instead of reciting Al-Fatiha, read the star spangled banner.

4) Could someone invent halal beer to celebrate July 4th?

5) Name your next newborn Abdul-Washington.

6) Replace Qur’an copies at your mosque with Obama’s autobiography.

7) Halal Christmas ham.

8 ) After fulfilling the #1 priority on Muslim-Americans’ agenda, building an Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan, get to work on priority #2: get a fatwa issued allowing Muslim-Americans to face the White House (instead of Mecca) during prayer.

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