Another Ignorant Saudi Prince: Sultan Bin Fahd Berating Soccer Players After Loss, Video and English Transcripts

This is a video of the barely literate Prince Sultan Bin Fahd in what is called Saudi Arabia berating the Saudi team after a loss.  He was the soccer Prince and head of the Saudi Football Federation. As you can see his relationship to sports and athleticism is not unlike the relationship of the Saudi Minister of Justice to fair trials and due process, or the Saudi Minister of the Interior to professional and legally regulated police methods and procedures, or the Saudi Minister of Information to a free media, or the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs to International public diplomacy, or the Saudi Minister of Education to science and progress, or the Saudi Minister of Labor and Social Affairs to worker’s rights and women’s rights, or the Saudi Minister of Islamic Endowments and Guidance Affairs to religious tolerance.  English Transcripts Below.

“First of all my brothers I am not happy with you today at all.   Another thing and I want all of you to hear me; I don’t want you to come out at this level again.  You have two matches coming up and there is no excuse to not advance.  Today I felt it was the first time you play together.  This is unacceptable, and I don’t accept it and I won’t take it.  Each one of you must think a 100 times.  The next match and the following one I won’t accept anything but victory.  What are you lacking?  Today your ball passing was wrong, your spacing was wrong, the mid-field is sleeping, the offense is absolutely ineffective, the defense takes all responsibility and the goal keeper. Do you know what you’re doing?  I’m telling you I’m not happy with you at all.  I’ll tell you right now, victory is in God’s hands, but this bad playing is not acceptable. And I will not accept it at all.  Each one of you must think that he represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you represent your country.   I told you victory is in God’s hands, but to appear at this level is unacceptable…unacceptable…unacceptable.  Pay attention.  We have six points we must get, and there can be no slacking.  Are you pleased with yourselves today?  Is anyone of you pleased with himself today?  I haven’t seen the Saudi team this bad in a long time, except today.  The passes are wrong.  Your spacing on the field is wrong.  You’re standing around relying on the other guy.  Like I told you, this is unacceptable.  And God  willing you will correct it in the two upcoming matches…God willing.”