An Open Letter To All Arabs And Muslims In The U.S. That Supported The War On Iraq

To those who supported the war on Iraq,

To those who opposed it because it was merely “bad policy” or a “mistake”,

To those who opposed invading the heart of the Arab world because it was not in the “American national interest” to do so, but not because it was an unprovoked, illegal, and immoral  war on our beloved Iraq,

To those who criticize the war for incurring a heavy cost in “US treasure” and ignore the loss of human life, or even if you mention both together in one breath,

To those who parrot the line it was wrong, but now that “we’re there” we should “finish the job”,

To those who did not condemn it as a monumental crime against humanity,

To those who did not call for the arrest and prosecution of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, and the other war criminals,

To those who tell us we ought to take pride in John Abizaid as an accomplished Arab-American,

To those Arab and Muslim Americans who told us to vote for Bush in 2004,

To those who took pictures with Bush, invited him to mosques, or had an iftar dinner with him at the white house,

To those who continue to show deference and respect to US officials responsible for the war or invite them to their banquets and galas,

To those who ignore or rationalize the unthinkable scope of death and destruction inflicted on our Iraqi sisters and brothers,

To those who offered religious or political justifications for the war whether you wear a suit and tie and sit in an ivory tower or don the cloth and a turban to sermonize in a Mosque,

To those who simply choose to remain silent and ignore Iraq entirely,

And to those who now tell us it’s time to forget about it and move on, the occupation is “coming to an end”,

To all of you,  Ikhras Says F*** YOU!