An American Christmas: “Gifts For All Seasons”

Special Guest Submission: Graphic design and accompanying text by artist “Saada.”  تصميم غرافيك بيد الفنانة “سَعْدَى

joy for very few in the world 3 - Smما بين “ماي لاي” و”أبوغريب”
ومن “ناغاساكي” إلى حرب الزنانات
(ومن “غزة” إلى “وُنْدِدْ نِي” (“الركبة الجريحة”
ومن “مُصَدِق” إلى “أليندي”
وما قبل وما بعد
كما دائماً
السلام والسرور
من “البيت الأبيض”
للقليلين جداً حول العالم
In between “My Lai” and “Abu Ghraib”
and from “Nagasaki” to the drone wars
and from “Gaza” to “Wounded Knee”
and from “Mosaddeq” to  “Allende”
and before and after
as always
peace and joy
from “The White House”
to very few in the world