ADC Silent About FBI Raids

The American Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee, more commonly known as the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), has yet to condemn the past few days’ FBI raids on anti-war activists. The self-proclaimed “civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent” has yet to release a statement denouncing these scare tactics intended to intimidate both Arabs and those in solidarity with Arabs.

Other groups, like the Minnesota-based Anti-War Committee, have organized emergency demonstrations. It’s been five days since the raids and we haven’t even seen a press release from the ADC, which is somehow considered “at the forefront in addressing discrimination and bias against Arab-Americans wherever it is practiced.” Oil sheikh funding probably comes with lots of strings attached.

Perhaps the ADC, having hosted the FBI repeatedly at its conventions, doesn’t want to alienate its friends at the Bureau? Who would run FBI workshops at ADC conventions? But wasn’t the point of establishing relationships with FBI prevention of civil liberties violations like these raids? That “strategy” of kowtowing to the establishment, if the purpose was indeed to protect Arab-Americans, didn’t work out too well, did it?

The following is reprinted from a previous Ikhras post to demonstrate how promptly ADC responds to other issues that appear more important to it:

[The ADC] condemned an attack on a Holocaust museum the same day it occurred. “The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the nation‘s largest Arab-American civil and human rights organization, is appalled by the shooting that took place earlier today at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.” ADC also gave Ann Coulter a scolding within a mere 24 hours of her anti-Semitic remarks on CNBC.

The ADC congratulated Barack Obama for his (undeserved) Nobel Peace Prize on the same day it was awarded him. Incidentally, the prompt compliment didn’t pay off, as Obama later didn’t even respond to ADC’s invitation to deliver the keynote speech at its 2010 convention (that convention story has nothing to do with the main point of this article; I just enjoy recounting it).

You can also count on the Housies to condemn and denounce evil Arabs and Muslims before they even get to trial, much less get found guilty. ADC proclaimed its outrage at Nidal Hassan’s actions at Ft. Hood on the same day they occurred. It also took the ADC only 24 hours to condemn Farouk Abdulmuttalib and offer assistance to the FBI.

ADC commended Obama’s hollow speech to the Muslim world on the same day he gave it: “The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee commends remarks delivered by the President of the United States in a historic speech on U.S. relations with the Arab and Muslim World this morning in Cairo” … In matters concerning Arab liberation and self-determination, the Housies are faster than speeding bullets. ADC and AAI instantly congratulated Miss USA winner Rima Fakih within hours of her crowning.

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