ADC Does Damage Control About the FBI’s Racist Training Materials

FBI Recruitment Booth At ADC Convention 2007

The ADC is cute.

It spent years collaborating with the FBI and encouraging young Arab-Americans to waste their talents pursuing careers at this ghastly agency. Then, when written evidence of prejudice at the FBI surfaced, American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC) was up in arms (ADC did require written evidence of racism to finally realize the FBI’s modus operandi and to whisper mild criticism). In an email titled ADC Calls For Immediate Internal Investigation of FBI Training the ADC stated:

The use of such material inevitably leads to ineffective policing, a waste of resources, and mistrust between the community and the agency.

Like good House Arabs, ADC argues against racist material from the FBI’s perspective, not the victim community’s perspective. Can you imagine the 1960s’ NAACP reacting to racist policies by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI that they resulted in ineffective policing and waste of resources?

ADC’s feigning shock at documents exhibiting the FBI’s racism means one of two things:

1) Either the ADC saw evidence of racist anti-Muslim training throughout its years of collaboration with the FBI but like good little House Arabs they kept their mouth shut. The “strategy” in this case is to acquiesce with the racism and to work from “within the establishment” to reform it. Now that the damning evidence has surfaced, ADC rushes to do damage control and pretend it had no idea the FBI was racist. This is similar to the ADC’s (late) condemnation of Husni Mubarak. It spent years rubbing elbows with the representatives of Mubarak’s regime in Washington only to jump on the revolution’s bandwagon after Mubarak’s overthrow and pretend they were anti-Mubarak all along (Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4). Or;

2) The FBI didn’t trust the ADC enough to give it access to all its training workshops and materials. If we give ADC the benefit of the doubt for a minute and believe that despite its years of collaboration it truly had no idea that the FBI had a racist approach to Muslims, that must mean the FBI presented only a sanitized version of its practices to the gullible folk at ADC during the workshop the ADC dutifully held at its annual conventions. The FBI may have tricked the ADC into thinking it gave it access to its “internal” operations in return for information on the Arab community via Arab-American informants, redirecting Arab-Americans’ energy to interning at the FBI instead of resisting the empire, and gaining “sensitivity training” to make racial profiling go smoother. In return for all this, the ADC got to feel important by accessing the non-controversial pages of the FBI’s training manuals and hosting FBI at ADC conventions/galas. ADC must have Faust himself on its board.

The arrogance and pompousness that accompany the House Arab mentality are remarkable. The ADC seemed to think that it could singlehandedly reform decades of official racist policy at the FBI:

It is disappointing that despite our efforts to encourage open community dialogue with government agencies, our work is undermined by the FBI’s continuous use of questionable tactics

If the ADC would only shut down (and shut up), it will be spared this embarrassment and disappointment.

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