ADC Board Member Defends Saudi Regime

Palestinian-American Zionist and American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) board of directors member Ray Hanania is once again defending the horrific Saudi regime:

Once again, when America needs help, Saudi Arabia is there front and center — and they are still attacked in US media

Of all the problems with the mainstream US media including functioning as a propaganda arm of the US Empire, corporate dominance, ignorance, anti-Arab bias, and sensational, entertainment-driven coverage of current events and non-events alike, it is criticism of the Saudi regime that bothers the clown of Cicero.  The most repressive, obscurantist, reactionary regime in the world and the American-appointed representative of the Arab people and Islamic world has always been the establishment Arabs favorite regime.  Most of these pro-Washington Arabs were not born in the Arab world and were raised in the US on traditional orientalist clichés.  An Arab prince in traditional Arab garb is an exotic sight, and when combined with oil-money contributions to an organization with no grassroots support, and the US government’s approval of the regime, takes on a tantalizing lure difficult to resist.

With the exception of Ziad Asali who likes to wear black-tie-tuxedos and go around bowing in front of Arab royalty and US officials, most Arab-Americans who work for organizations that receive support from the Saudi regime and other oil-Sheiks are slightly more subtle and nuanced in their support of this tyrannical regime, but no less hypocritical than Hanania’s simple-minded outbursts.  For a Zionist obsessed with “religious fanatics” and “extremists” that oppose Zionism, Hanania has demonstrated a great deal of tolerance and understanding of this most fanatical and reactionary, but Zionist-friendly, American-approved theocratic state.  The ADC clearly made the right choice when they picked a failed comedian from the South side of Chicago to join their board.  Maybe the next time Turki bin Faisal al-Saud is invited to give a keynote address at a convention or gala organized by the “civil rights group”, he will explain the relationship between human rights and beheadings or how civil rights are protected in a state ruled by an absolute monarchy allied with a puritanical, theocratic establishment.